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StuffedHere at we strive to inform parents and teachers about learning toys and the benefits they provide. We also try to provide information on the importance of toy drives. We are a purely informational site, and do not endorse any particular type of toy or any teaching method. Also, please check other sources as well for information on organizing toy drives.

Educational toys are made to stimulate development in children, whether it is physical, emotional, or intellectual. Educational toys are also referred to as learning toys. When you try to pin down exactly what a learning toy is, you will most likely get a very broad definition. Basically, just about any toy can be an educational toy.

In fact, almost anything can turn into a learning toy. If you really watch children, you know that they have amazing imaginations, and can create some interesting scenarios with simple objects such as rocks and sticks. You can turn any such play-moment into a learning-moment.

There are many educational toys on the market that can take stimulating a child’s mind to a whole new level. Toys can give family members a good chance to bond with a child, especially if they don’t get to see the child regularly. It is becoming more common for the toys bought to be interactive or educational toys of some sort. Baby dolls for example, can help little girls role play.

Learning toys shouldn’t be used in place of plenty of interaction with the family, but they can enhance the child’s experience. Often there are lessons to be learned from these toys, and they can lead to better learning skills later on.
Unfortunately, there are many families that cannot afford to buy any toys for their kids, much less educational toys. This means that many children do not get to enjoy having interactive toys.

Many people see toys as a frivolity, not a necessity. While this may be true in some ways, it does not change the fact that not having toys is hard on kids. During hard economic times, fewer toys are bought and fewer children receive any.

To help remedy this, there are multiple nonprofit organizations that have toy drives every year. These are particularly encouraged around the holidays. If people who do have money want to help underprivileged kids have a wonderful Christmas, they can buy a toy and donate it. Occasionally stores will give people a discount on their purchase if they buy a toy to donate.

Organizations like the Boy Scouts, Salvation Army, and the Marines often conduct toy drives with a goal up in the thousands. Churches and other religious organizations also manage toy drives.

There are many types of toys that are collected at toy drives. Stuffed toys are one of the most popular types. This is because plush toys are suitable for babies and infants, but can bring happiness to children well into their childhood. Out of all the stuffed toys, collectible teddy bears are the most popular.

Another type of toy recreates scenes from real life careers. These can include fire-trucks, military toys such as G.I. Joe figures, and farm toys. Small children love playing with toy tractors and farm animals that are stuffed or made of plastic.

Electronic toys are being given more often at toy drives because they are becoming less expensive and more durable. Simple electronic toys include ones for infants that light up and make noise when played with. More complex ones for older kids include educational video games and learn-to-read systems.

Children will never stop playing with learning toys if they are introduced to them early on. They will also become very attached to certain kinds of toys, and when they are well into their adulthood will still look back on these vintage toys with fond memories. The most common toys for these attatchments are teddy bears and baby dolls.

The stimulation, happiness, and memories that toys provide kids are very important to their growth. This is why toy drives are so important. They help put toys into the hands of children who would have never gotten them otherwise. All-in-all, toy drives help bring happiness and hope to families that need it.


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