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Toy FAQs

What were some of the top-selling toys of the year?

When it came to electronics Nintendo Wii consoles and accessories flew off the shelves. Also, Hannah Montana merchandise proved to be very successful. One surprise was that board games and other simple toys like Legos sold extremely well during the holiday season.

Why is it important to have good organization during a toys for tots drive?

A toys for tots drive can be an extremely large operation. One recent drive in Florida collected more than 1,000 toys. In addition to managing distribution of toys, a highly qualified manager must deal with staff. In Kentucky, a toys for tots volunteer was accused of stealing approximately $12,000 during a drive. Management must oversee organization and watch out for potential pitfalls.

What are some popular vintage toys?

Popular vintage toys include hard-to-find collectibles. Science-fiction toys such as Star Wars toys and Star Trek toys are very popular. In addition, older Barbie dolls and G.I. Joe dolls are popular among adults.

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